Chapter Text. Tamaki Amajiki reminded you of winter. On the surface, many mistook his social anxiety as a cold, harsh, and distant attitude. Others weren’t very fond of him- but you didn’t fit in either category.

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GN!Reader Word Count: 459 __ kidnapped reader finally giving in to yandere(?)!overhaul . Aching feet and trembling legs told you to stop. Turn around now, and maybe if you didn’t get any blisters on your feet, you might be saved from some wrath. He might even be pleased you came back at your own will, seeing it as a sign of another step into. The curse that changes everything... by Shadow Eevee. 36.4K 669 34. A curse has begun to sweep over the world, and its turning Pokémon into human version of there old self! Battling, catching, breeding, training, the whole way of life is... fanfiction. wattpride. pokemonxreader. Comfort Pairing: Dabi X Reader Genre: Fluff, Angst Warnings: Depression and Anxiety Word Count: 667 A/N: A little short drabble to get me back into the swing of things! [[MORE]] “I’m just tired.” ... dabi x reader mha dabi bnha dabi dabi bnha dabi my hero academia dabi imagine dabi angst dabi fluff mha imagines mha fluff bnha imagines.

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Deku x insecure reader. Warnings: anxiety. ~♡~•~ ~•~♡~. The two of you stared at each other in silence as tears streamed down your face. He had just caught you in the bathroom crying your eyes out looking like a wreak. You got to your feet shakily running out the door back to class wiping your eyes hoping you looked at least ok. Panic And Anxiety Quotes. happiness (3497) anxiety (383) inspirational (18967) “ in my experience, the words now just calm down almost inevitably have the opposite effect on the person you are speaking to. ” Elyn R. Saks. #anxiety #panic and anxiety #panic attacks “ Overcoming panic attacks has left me humbled. It’s taught me how to be brave. It’s left me. Miraculous Ladybug | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance X Reader Bhna Manga. Y/n, Adrien, and Marinette are the Paris’s heros Ladybug, Char Noir and Tundra. One day when they are battling an akuma, the akuma transports the three to a world filled with quirks, heros and villains!. Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Chronic, exaggerated worry about everyday routine life events and activities, lasting at least six months; almost always anticipating the worst even though there is little reason to expect it.Accompanied by physical symptoms, such as fatigue, trembling, muscle tension, headache, or nausea.

Just as Aizawa began to speak, explosions went off. MHA Men Defending an S/O w/ Social Anxiety Friday the 13th Celebration Pairings: Aizawax reader , Kirishimax reader , Amajikix reader Genre: comfort Warnings: rude ass people, alcohol mention, panic attack Shouta Aizawa You're out shopping, getting some groceries, when Shouta steps away to grab something from. :') Summary ; Tamaki is having a anxiety attack and Mirio and Neijire aren't able to calm him down this time, so they get you. You get to calm him down and even stay the night at the 3rd years dorms, so he stays calm. Pairing ; Tamaki Amajiki x Reader. Word count ; 1464 words.. "/>.

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ANXIETY - Shinsou Hitoshi/Reader A/N: a short story that's a bit of a comfort fic. The reader's reason for their anxiety isn't described, so you can picture the reason for why the reader is having a meltdown as anything you may like. Something fictional, something personal. Up to you. Warnings- descriptions of a panic attack. The walk was silent, a good kind of silence. It is currently 3 suicidal thoughts, angst, depression bnha x reader mha x reader headcanons my writing ☆- writing bakugou katsuki x reader bakugou Komaeda Nagito x fem!Reader (lemon) I love this crazy hope baby CharacterRant . Sep 12, 2020 - Read Old Friends from the story I'm Fragile - Kiribaku Fantasy AU by animetragedy (lil tragedy). Tubbo looks at me as I’m brushing grass off my pants and walks up to me, brushing something off of my face. I raise an eye brow at him. “you had a piece of grass stuck to your face.” he laughs with a slight blush to his face. “thanks, Toby.”. SCENARIO: Quirk combat training ends in injury, and your s/o is less than impressed with your injury prone experience. PAIRINGS: Bakugou x reader, Todoroki x reader, Kirishima x reader, Midoriya x reader. WARNINGS: varying injuries {GENDER NUETRAL READER} If you’d like to request a similar headcanon or something entirely different with the same or different.

They asked for Iida x Grunge Reader headcanons, and they gave me a few ideas to work with. ... body dysphoria, misgendering, mentions of anxiety , swearing (like one "damn") Note: this also includes my Iida sexuality headcanons. ... mha bnha iida tenya tenya iida iida x reader tenya x reader tenya iida x reader iida tenya iida tenya x reader.

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